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Belt Type Color Sorter

Stainless Steel Single Layer Optical Sorting Machine

Stainless Steel Belt Type Color Sorter

Stainless steel single layer belt type optical sorting machine is used for sorting food-grade and high-radiation products. It has strong corrosion resistance and prolongs the service life of sorter machine.

Ultra-high-precision sorting effect to enhance your product grade and value. Customer friendly interface makes your daily work simple and convenient.

Width: 1200
Channels: 48x4
Capacity: 1-3 T/H
Carryover rate(good:bad): > 30:1
Sorting Accuracy: > 99.9%
Voltage: 220V/50Hz(customizable)
Power: < 4.5KW
Air Consumption: < 3000L/min
Light Source: LED
Camera Pixel: 5400 Pixels
Image Sensor: CCD
Identification Accuracy: 0.08 mm2
Ejector(Solenoid Valve): 10 Billion Lifetimes / 0.04ms response times
Processing System: Full-color scan, DSP + FPGA
Weight: 1400kg
Size: 3450*2000*1700mm

Plastic Sorting: (mineral water bottle cap, PET material, PP material, ABS plastic, PE material, PV material, PU material, PVC material, PS material, PC material, waste household appliance plastic, battery waste, broken glass, waste metal Materials, waste circuit boards and other recycled materials)
Ore Sorting:(potash feldspar, barite, quartz sand, fused quartz, manganese ore, calcium carbonate stone, white marble stone, calcite, tungsten ore, phosphate ore, etc.)
Sunflower seeds Sorting:(large pieces of black sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, oil sunflower, white sunflower seeds, gourd seeds, etc.)
Nuts Sorting:(pine nuts, large walnuts, walnut kernels, macadamia nuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, etc.)
Beans Sorting:(coffee beans, mung beans, small red beans, red beans, English red, Japanese white, black kidney beans, large white kidney beans, milk kidney beans, safflower kidney beans, peas, black beans, broad beans, peeled broad beans, soybeans, Double green beans, cooked soy beans, cooked black beans, soya beans, lentils, chickpeas, other unknown beans, etc.)
Corn, peanuts, raisins, garlic, peppers, sea rice, cloves, shrimp skins, shrimps, silver fish, fresh small fish and shrimp, etc. White pepper, black pepper, pepper, dehydrated vegetables.

1. RGB full color tri-chromatic CCD image acquisition system. High camera resolution 5340 pixel identifying tiny defects up to 0.01mm2
2. High quality ejector with 5-10 billion ejections life low air consumption
3. Most unique intelligent LED with cold shadowless light source and super long life span, high lighting efficiency
4. Accurate dust collecting position design to secure sorting room spotlessly clean keeping high identification
5. Strong industry-grade digitization processor, image acquisition and processing in high speed, consistency of signal path and signal reliability is secured
6. Excellent combination of mechanical structure and tri-chromatic control system, guarantee 99.999% accuracy and amazing 50:1 rejection rate.
7. Simplified customer-friendly GUI design highly increases the ease of operation
8. International high-end full-color line scan technology, DSP + FPGA processing the international forefront of technology, combining a variety of colors and shapes model complex algorithms, to provide "color selection + shape selected" function for different materials, a variety of modes set free.

Service and Support

Service & Support

Providing worldwide service and technical support 365 days per year, our maintenance experts provide customer support in case production is stopped or interrupted due to machine failure. Whether by phone or remote connection, quickly and reliably getting help from our service engineers often helps to avoid serious production losses.

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Case & Video

Rich case videos and highly satisfied customer feedback strongly prove the reliability of our equipment quality, advanced technology and complete after-sales service.Welcome to bring samples to our sorting laboratory for free testing, we will provide corresponding test reports

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